91% of British Gas employees understand their role in the new strategy.

Energy First for British Gas was an event that brought the business strategy to life in an engaging, memorable and fun way. To help employees have a clear picture of the new priorities and goals, we created a giant board game of the strategy so people could walk around inside.

The British Gas ‘Energy First’ presentation is a good example of how we engage people with business plans. When their 2010 strategy was ready to go live, the British Gas team came to us with an urgent need to communicate it to frontline employees and ensure it gained traction.

Our role was to find a visual device that would link goals and priorities – and show how each goal was a stepping-stone towards achieving a priority. To do this we created the ‘Steering Wheel’ – a simple and versatile concept that worked across a variety of applications and channels.

And to help employees understand it, we turned the ‘Steering Wheel’ into a giant board game. A game that put individuals directly in the strategy, and through playing it with their peers, they could see the importance of achieving the goals themselves.


Directly after the event, attendees completed a feedback survey with the following results:

- 92% enjoyed hearing about how the vision comes together.

- 94% said that they understood the strategy.

- 92% said that they could explain the strategy and goals to a colleague.

- 92% said that they would recommend the event to a colleague.

- 91% said they understood their individual role in achieving the business unit’s goals.

What a success! Avvio were fantastic! An excellent execution of a live event.

Tara Cox Communications Business Partner,
British Gas


I feel energised and really enthused. I’m ready to go back to the office and put the plan into action.

British Gas employee, Southampton

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