Facts at a glance

  • Project
    TeamTalk Live
  • Audience
    British Gas employees
  • Timeline
    7 weeks
Key Skills

Experiential, Clear vision, Belief in products

Energising the energy team: helping British Gas engage its workforce.

When British Gas staged an employee event to articulate its business strategy, we pulled out all the stops to ensure it made a big impression.

The British Gas TeamTalk roadshow demonstrated just what can be achieved when a business is committed to communicating with its people and creating a more engaged workforce.

Spearheaded by MD Phil Bentley, these team meetings were an important opportunity for him to personally deliver key messages and leave a big impression on employees.

Our large inflatable conference room provided the perfect venue for an intimate briefing and provided a unique space in which to deliver a compelling and interactive story.

From the creation of the interactive content, right the way through to the gathering of valuable post event metrics, Avvio provided a full and seamless service.

“Very motivating, a lot to look forward to. We’re getting it right for the customer at last!”
“It brought the One British Gas piece to life very well – it made it very clear.”
“It showed me where British Gas is going and what the plans are for the future. It also explained how we’ll get there.”
British Gas employees

Engaging employees

Over 7 weeks, 78 shows were staged and 5,790 employees attended.

Portable conference room

Our inflatable cube is the perfect portable conference room. It can seat up to 70 people and has full audio visual facilities and can be easily set-up in an office car park.

One British Gas

Hosted by Managing Director Phil Bentley, TeamTalk roadshow was a key event for the business and focused on customer service, innovation, and working closer together to create ‘One British Gas’. 

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