Facts at a glance

  • Project
    Reward and recognition
  • Audience
    All employees
  • Timeline
    4 weeks
Key Skills

Digital, Environmental, Reward and recognition

Simple British Gas recognition message takes-off around the business.

British Gas asked us to explore their new ‘Planet Home’ brand and use it as the basis of an employee reward and recognition scheme.

In business today it's important that employees feel valued and appreciated by their colleagues and peers.

For British Gas our challenge was to capture the true essence of the reward and recognition scheme and help create a culture where saying a heartfelt thank you for a job well done (no matter how small) would become commonplace.

As well as developing the core creative theme, our work needed to align with British Gas values, and help line managers articulate them.

For that reason plenty of time was spent creating tools to help line managers engage and connect with their teams.

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