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    All Cemex employees
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Clear vision

Where are we going? For Cemex a simple storymap speaks to their entire workforce.

When it comes to introducing a new business strategy, finding engaging ways of telling the story really helps employees play their part. Our storymap for Cemex achieved just that.

Explaining how the business operates is a vital part of internal communications and finding engaging ways of telling the story helps employees understand the part they play.

Cemex UK wanted employees to understand its vision and strategy and see at a glance where they fitted inside the business, the departments they worked in and the products they worked with.

To start with, we deconstructed their content and isolated the key elements by considering the structure of the organisation and the nature of the key job roles within it. From this, an overarching simplified illustration plan was formed.

This allowed us to create a storymap that worked right across the business.

The final storymap was alive with key information - who Cemex are, what Cemex do and where Cemex are going. It was an inspiring journey that everyone
connected with. The story was delivered not only as static piece but also as a series of interative modules.


The interactive version of the storymap was a huge hit and is now being rolled out to employees by Cemex UK President Gonzalo Galindo.

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