Sky intranet. Faster information, more productive people.

Connecting a workforce of 16k and creating dialogue requires a powerful company intranet. We delivered Sky's new site in just six weeks.



When Sky asked us to help them design and build a new intranet, we set out to create something that would lead the way. A more effective business tool that would deliver corporate messages, showcase Sky’s own content and provide interactive feedback channels.

To make publishing content as easy as possible, we created a .net system (the same platform that SharePoint 2010 is built upon) to allow editors to manage, update and publish to the appropriate campus.

And while our focus was making the intranet easy for editors, we never lost sight of its ultimate users, the people who work at Sky. So an intuitive and streamlined interface, voting widgets and feedback channels were also included.

If you'd like more information on the design and build of Sky's intranet, download the full Melcrum report below.




Content tailored to the different Sky campuses

To keep the information relevant, all articles on the intranet are segmented by campus and users' location.

Employees can blog to workmates

Team members can keep colleagues up-to-date about news, issues and personal views through their own blogs.

Instant employee feedback

The perfect tool for measuring employee opinions and another reason people engage with the site.

Let the people choose how they want to use it

With a customised home page, employees can arrange page items to get the information they want faster.

Haven't time to read all the news? No problem.

A weekly digest summarises the weeks headlines with links back to the key articles.

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