Facts at a glance

  • Project
    Brand refresh
  • Audience
    Sky people
  • Timeline
    5 weeks
Key Skills

Great culture, Environmental

Living the brand: how 16,000 Sky people started to believe in better.

Our brief was to engage and inspire Sky employees and introduce a new way of thinking about their brand.

For a brand to be successful and achieve customer buy-in, employees need to buy-in first. After a successful pitch, Avvio was asked to create a dynamic new brand essence campaign aimed at Sky’s entire workforce.

Based around the theme ‘Believe in better’, our work introduced this new brand essence and explained why it is right for Sky.

Each one of our giant sized posters was tailor-made for different Sky environments and the work appeared in main reception areas, walkways, canteen walls and office windows.

Messages inside the offices

We turned corridors, walkways and reception areas into poster sites.

Messages outside the offices

We made sure our work would be a talking point over the weeks ahead.

Messages in unusual places

We even re-worked the signage around the campus and turned these into brand communications.

More and more messages across the whole campus

Big, bold and confident - a brand campaign that just couldn't be ignored.

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