Information on the go: Sky Engineers' portal has 5000 downloads a week.

The problem of communicating to remote workers is solved with an extranet Sky Engineers can access from anywhere.

Getting the latest briefing documents to remote workers and making sure that they are read isn’t easy. That’s why Sky asked Avvio to build an extranet engineers could access securely from their home PC.

Once a new file is placed onto the extranet, it’s flagged in an Engineers inbox, ensuring that the whole team are alerted to important documents like health and safety bulletins.

The extranet also provided a wealth of tools that open up communication lines from line managers to their team and from engineer to engineer, building a real sense of community at both a local and national level.

By far the most popular feature of the extranet is the ideas and knowledge forum. With around 1000 new posts a week, it’s hard to keep up!


  • 85% of engineers active users
  • Up to 200 new Forum posts every day
  • Over 5,000 downloads a week

Priority documents

Key documents were prioritised using a red light system.

Direct access to all the news

We made sure engineers could access the latest news in a couple of clicks.

Targeted banner ads

Used as a communication channel, engineers can be targeted with a variety of banners and messages.

Engineers forum

The most popular part of the extranet, the forum allowed engineers to solve problems and issues and provide help to one another.

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