Facts at a glance

  • Project
    Environmental Branding
  • Audience
    All employees
  • Timeline
    6 weeks
  • Team size
    2 Vodafone / 5 Avvio
Key Skills

Great culture, Environmental

Environmental messaging at Vodafone HQ aligns people with their brand.

Our brief was to turn Vodafone’s buildings from neutral environments to branded workplaces and create a space where employees can 'live' the brand.

Using their ‘Make the most of now’ campaign, we transformed Vodafone’s Newbury Headquarters through high-impact, visual and colourful environmental branding.

A raft of messages were designed, written and illustrated. Each one of them adding a new perspective to ‘Make the most of now’, and drawing people closer to the brand and values.

Over 35 messages were created in total. These were situated across walls, over balconies, in meeting rooms and even the CEO’s office and boardroom.


The work proved so popular our brief was extended to include Vodafone Call Centres at Warrington and Stoke.

Using the entire work environment as a canvass for brand messaging

We created many different messages around Vodafone HQ. Each one designed to work with its location and communicate with specific departments and teams

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