Facts at a glance

  • Brief
  • Target audience
    Sales and customer service teams
Key Skills

Digital, Belief in products

Vodafone’s e-learning tool sets the global benchmark.

Before Vodafone could introduce new services to their customers we introduced e-learning modules that would engage employees and help them understand the new propositions.

When Vodafone expanded its portfolio to include fixed line and data solutions, the focus was on employees understanding these new products and services as soon as possible.

To answer their requirement, Avvio produced a set of e-learning modules that would engage employees and provide an overview of each of the propositions. Just as important, they received a short assessment on completion of each module.

Due to the friendly and accessible structure and ease of navigation, users were able to dip in and out of the course at their leisure. The simplified technical content put the audience at ease and ensured a comfortable and enjoyable learning experience.


Our e-learning modules have set the  benchmark for Vodafone’s global e-learning.

Ensuring the information has been understood

Each module ended with a short multiple choice quiz to gauge the level of learning.

Encouraging employees to say the right thing

Sample scenarios were used to give tips and advice on what an employee should say in various situations.

Assessing the results

Because a wide range of people would be use the elearning, assessments covered a number of different roles

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