Facts at a glance

  • Project
    Business change programme
  • Target Audience
    Wolseley employees
Key Skills

Clear vision

Communicating change: preparing Wolseley employees for new ways of working.

Our sports themed campaign for Wolseley introduced employees to the new technology that would revolutionise the business and make it 'fit for success'.

The Wolseley Group operates in 28 countries with over 5,000 branches worldwide. They came to us ready to embark on a Business Change Programme (BCP) that would deliver a better infrastructure and smarter ways of working.

Our brief was to find a way to present the 4 key benefits of the BCP in a way that would motivate the workforce and encourage them to support the programme.

As the communications needed to resonate with people from different geographic locations and cultures, we used sport to grab their attention and tell the story.

The images reinforced the message of being fit and ready to compete, and we distilled the key benefits of the BCP to help employees understand and welcome new ways of working.

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