Yell workforce 100% behind office move.

We made sure Yell employees were fully informed and enthused about a major headquarters move in 2009.

When Yell was planning to relocate to new headquarters at Reading, the Internal Comms team spoke to Avvio first. They knew how important it was to have people informed and excited about the move, well before the move actually happened.

Our brief was to create a theme and identity and find a fresh way to inform people of what’s going on. Traditionally Yell communications have been paper based so we saw this as a great opportunity to really excite everyone with a cutting edge website that would create a strong sense of unity and expectation among the workforce.

I would just like to pass on a huge thank you for all of your effort and hard work in getting the site ready for launch. Avvio you have been a breath of fresh air and absolutely wonderful to work with. To see people motivated, engaged and excited about the move is a huge reward.
Internal Communications Manager, Yell

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