Multi-Channel Leadership Event - British Gas

British Gas

Multi-Channel Leadership Event

Managers are now behind the new strategy.

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The Idea

British Gas needed their managers behind their new business strategy. So we developed a leadership event that brought their key communicators on board before rolling out a UK-wide roadshow to the rest of their frontline employees.

We brought the business strategy to life in an engaging, memorable and fun way. To help employees have a clear picture of the new priorities and goals, we created a giant board game of the strategy so people could walk around inside it.

To show how each goal was a stepping-stone towards achieving a priority we created the visual device of a ‘steering wheel’ – a versatile concept that worked across a variety of applications and channels.

We turned the steering wheel into a giant board game that put individuals directly inside the strategy. By playing the board game with their peers, they could see the importance of achieving the goals themselves.


94% of employees said that they understood the strategy. 92% said that they could explain the strategy and goals to a colleague. 91% said they understood their individual role in achieving the business unit’s goals.

What a success! Avvio were fantastic! An excellent execution of a live event.

Tara Cox

Communications Business Partner, British Gas

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