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Launching New Digital Tools

Creating a culture of collaboration.

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The Idea

To help realise the ambitions of CCE's leaders and employees, and ultimately improve and enhance employee collaboration, Avvio Reply worked with Coca-Cola Enterprises to develop a suite of clearly defined online community tools to launch Lync, Chatter, MySite and the company’s Intranet.

Our communication strategy created a campaign that would bring all the tools together, so rather than being seen as distinctly different pieces of technology, they were linked through their common purpose of connectivity.

We made the tools feel accessible – something employees could pick up and run with straight away.

The primary focus of our campaign delivery was digital. As well as a series of videos, the campaign was brought to life across digital signage, Intranet assets and electronic BAU media such as PowerPoint. Offline media, including printed posters, drove traffic to our digital communications.


‘Get connected’ has been a great success, leading to improved productivity, employee engagement, communication impact, collaboration and information sharing – both internally and with customers and partners. Employees have created over 400 collaboration groups helping to drive down the over-reliance on email and make it easier, faster and better for staff to actively collaborate.

The 'Get Connected' campaign has captured the imagination of our employees and has helped them understand how new and existing digital tools can help them be more productive.

Neil Jenkins

Director, Internal & Digital Communications, Coca-Cola Enterprises


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