Facts at a glance

  • Brief
    Employee benefit communications
  • Audience
    All Centrica employees
  • Timeline
    4 weeks
Key Skills

Digital, Great culture, Reward and recognition

With Centrica's flexible rewards scheme, 85% of employees prefer it to cash.

When Centrica asked Avvio to clearly communicate the benefits of its FlexSA reward scheme, we simplified the message and made it more relevant to employees.

FlexSA is a flexible benefits scheme that allows Centrica employees to choose rewards that better suit their needs. From shopaholic, to tourist, to wine buff, FlexSA has something for everyone.

As well as great choice, the FlexSA scheme is also better value than the cash equivalent. With cash, employees only receive 89% of the FlexSA allowance, which is then subject to tax and national insurance.

Our plan was to create a 360° roll out that included every kind of channel available to actively promote the campaign. This included channels such as intranet, direct mail, email, posters, saturn screen videos as well as line managers and champions packs. Direct mail print packs were sent to employees homes with a personalised letter. Intranet banners, email communications, saturn screen videos, pop-up stands and posters became part of employees daily lives. To help the buy-in we also created line manager and FlexSA Champion packs and T-shirts.


  • Employees choosing FlexSA up from 77% in 2009 to 85% in 2010
  • Employees selecting cash only down by 8% to 15% in 2010

Content specific to the employee

We divided our audience into two demographic groups. This allowed our communications to tap into their specific needs and requirements.

360° roll out

Posters, emails, t-shirts, intranet banners, saturn screen and direct mail - we used every channel available to actively promote the campaign.

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