Facts at a glance

  • Brief
    Business strategy cascade
  • Target audience
    From the MD through to apprentices. Office-based, field sales and the factory floor.
Key Skills

Experiential, Clear vision

Sharing strategy through the power of storytelling.

Michelin’s UK MD needed to bring the three-year strategy to life in such a way that his people could be inspired to work together and ensure the UK continued to perform well in a difficult market.

What he didn’t want was another ‘death by PowerPoint’ – open to misinterpretation and poor uptake. But, to explore ‘storytelling’ as a communication strategy and having not used this technique before invited Avvio to propose an approach which would work throughout Michelin’s UK business.

Avvio delivered a four-phased approach as a solution, combining behavioural analysis techniques with organisation strategy intervention and a tried and tested communication approach to storytelling using ‘The Big Picture’.

‘The Big Picture’ is exactly that. It’s a very large picture, which is built using a layering technique. The visual is created from conversations with employees, using company history, competitor information and customer information. It details the past, the present and the future and is not afraid of touching on humour or horror to make its point.

‘The Big Picture’ is able to quickly break down cultural barriers and results in fast, furious and funny conversations where employees, without realising it, are learning the company strategy and uncovering their individual role in helping the business and themselves be successful. All conversations are supported by a toolkit that has everything a Manager needs


Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive with Managers enjoying the experience.

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