Facts at a glance

  • Brief
    Strategy engagement
  • Audience
    Vodafone employees
Key Skills

Digital, Clear vision, Social

Communicating the strategy: Vodafone’s social media site achieves 81% engagement.

When Vodafone asked Avvio to help engage their employees in the company strategy, we created an interactive site that won over industry experts as well as the workforce.


Our microsite was a one-stop-shop for employees to explore, understand and discuss Vodafone’s business goals. With the help of two virtual characters called Lucy and John, we presented the strategy as an interactive journey that employees could join in and be part of.

To help sustain engagement and ensure all the information was taken onboard the content was updated in bite-sized chunks. What’s more plenty of social features brought people back to post comments, watch videos posted by their colleagues or download multimedia content.

By encouraging employees to talk, share and demonstrate their own understanding regularly throughout the journey, we were able to continually engage people without losing the overall context of the strategy.


• 81% of employees felt motivated to achieve the strategic goals.

• 78% said they had confidence in the board to deliver the strategy.

• Winner of CiB (Communications in Business) Communications Excellence Awards for Vision and Values.


“A joined up, strategically aligned interactive and fun programme.”
“Great to see a communications campaign that is so audience-centric.”
CIB Judges comments.

Bringing the vision to life

Once users understood the business priorities for the year ahead, videos from Vodafone UK Board helped the messages hit home. By clicking on the pictures users could have their say and leave a comment.

Giving employees a voice

Employees had the chance to say how they’d help Vodafone win in the market. They could upload texts, pictures and videos and explain what they’d do to help deliver the strategic goals. People could also vote for their favourite answer and we created a quiz for users to have fun remembering key points.

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