Engaging senior leadership members is vital to any large business. Nationwide understood this and wanted to create an experience that not only delivered the key priorities but also left leaders with a memorable take away message.

Alongside this, we also faced the challenge of getting senior members to connect with each other and create meaningful relationships that would allow them to all work more holistically moving forward.

We delivered:

  • Creative event concept

  • Bespoke challenge design and creation

  • Event management

  • Delegate management

  • AV and production


Our Approach

Nationwide were looking for a way to unite their Relationship and Distribution team, inspiring leaders to look beyond their day-to-day operational and functional tasks and instead take a broader perspective, behave as leaders and take a society wide view.

We won the pitch and delivered a unique event that encouraged leaders to think and act differently. The day was made up of four bespoke, immersive challenges as well as engaging presentations and a community-themed dining experience. We even included hidden messages and themes that were revealed at the end of the event.


The conference was a huge success. Delegates were overwhelmingly positive about the experience, finding it energetic, thought-provoking and original.

Post-event they are taking ‘think differently, act differently’ into the business environment and encouraging their teams to do the same.