Bringing the metaverse to live events

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Reply's yearly 'Xchange' events are held across London, Milan and Munich and this year the hot topic was 'The Metaverse'. Reply looked to us to create a fun engagement activity that incorporated the metaverse so employees could experience it first-hand at the Xchanges.

Bringing the metaverse to live events


We started by understanding the audience and working out how we could get all attendees to experience the metaverse. The challenge we faced was to create an experience that lots of people could play during short break times in between breakout sessions.

The solution were two metaverse experiences where employees could create an avatar of themselves on their mobile and then play short games using their 'virtual self'.

The first experience was 'Reply Race' which was a motion tracked experience. As you moved, the camera tracked your position and moved your avatar. The aim of the game was to navigate your avatar through a ‘Reply Metaverse’ collecting points and power-ups whilst avoiding bombs and obstacles.

The second was 'Dance Off' which involved players showing off their dance skills by copying their avatar dancing to a number of famous and familiar songs. Depending on how well they performed, the better the prize they received.

Bringing the metaverse to live events


Both activities were a huge success, drawing crowds of people to play the games. The motion-tracking technology worked very well and was a great solution for large crowds. We were able to achieve a high turnover of people as participants only had to use their bodies to control their avatar.

Bringing the metaverse to live events

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